Tay Goes to the Zoo (Tay #6)

by Phelicia Lang (Author)

Tay Goes to the Zoo (Tay #6)
Reading Level: K − 1st Grade
In this latest title of Phelicia Lang's, well-loved Tay Series, Tay goes on another adventure. This time it's on a surprise trip to the zoo to celebrate his birthday. Tay makes many guesses as to where he's going, but he doesn't figure it out until he arrives. Tay Goes to the Zoo is book six in this best-selling series for early readers. Young readers will love the feel of a real book while having easy access to text that helps them grow into confident readers. Special features in the Tay Series include bonus reading tips and graphics for parents to encourage successful independent reading. Special edition, Tay Goes to the Zoo, will excite young readers with its realistic photographs and illustrations.

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Guided Reading Level
Publication date
December 20, 2018
Tay Early Readers

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