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Sylvia Chen

Sylvia Chen remembers transferring slippery wet marbles from rice bowl to rice bowl to quicken her chopsticks skills at her childhood home in Queens, New York. She much prefers picking up dim sum and other yummy food with chopsticks--even fried chicken! She loves figuring out tricky challenges with a bit of STEAM-based trial and error, which includes making DIY costumes for her kids, often with duct tape, dollar-store finds, and LED lights. Visit her online at

Fanny Liem was born and raised in Indonesia, and she has loved to draw since she was a little kid. Her passion for storytelling and illustration was ignited at a young age by the picture books given to her by her uncle. When she is not drawing, she enjoys watching movies and listening to country music. Because of her love of noodles, Fanny was determined to learn to use chopsticks (even though it took a lot of practice!). Visit her online at

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