Cry, the Beloved Country

by Alan Paton (Author)

Cry, the Beloved Country
"Cry, the Beloved Country" is a beautifully told and profoundly compassionate story of the Zulu pastor Stephen Kumalo and his son Absalom, set in the troubled and changing South Africa of the 1940s. The book is written with such keen empathy and understanding that to read it is to share fully in the gravity of the characters' situations. It both touches your heart deeply and inspires a renewed faith in the dignity of mankind. "Cry, the Beloved Country" is a classic tale, passionately African, timeless and universal, and beyond all, selfless.
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"We have had many novels from statesmen and reformers, almost all bad; many novels from poets, almost all thin. In Alan Paton's Cry, the Beloved Country the statesman, the poet, and the novelist meet in a unique harmony."—Literary Critic Lewis Gannett
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Scribner Book Company
Publication date
November 20, 2003
Oprah's Classics Book Club Selections
BISAC categories
FIC019000 - Fiction | Literary
FIC042000 - Fiction | Christian | General
FIC004000 - Fiction | Classics
Library of Congress categories
Race relations
Political fiction
South Africa

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