River of Secrets (Bamboo Kingdom #2)

by Erin Hunter (Author)

River of Secrets (Bamboo Kingdom #2)
Reading Level: 4th – 5th Grade
Series: Bamboo Kingdom
For three pandas in the Bamboo Kingdom, secrets have changed everything. Rain, Ghost, and Leaf have only just discovered the truth about their families--but they don't have all the facts. And while they attempt to piece together the puzzle of their pasts, a threat is growing ever stronger in their homeland--a liar masquerading as a leader. Sunset, the so-called Dragon Speaker, has his own agenda, and the discovery of the triplets from an ancient prophecy will only get in his way. While Rain and Leaf struggle to agree on the next right moves, Ghost, struggling to adapt to panda life, falls under Sunset's spell. Separated, the three panda siblings are left without the information they need to take the traitorous Dragon Speaker down. But if they can find each other--and trust each other--they may be able to rally the pandas of the Bamboo Kingdom to their side.
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Leopards and tigers and bears, oh my: already shows signs of lumbering on to a shelf load of sequels.

Review quotes

Erin Hunter
Erin Hunter es el nombre de un grupo de escritoras apasionadas por los gatos y por la vida de los animales en su entorno natural. Además del respeto que sienten por la naturaleza, disfrutan buscando explicaciones del comportamiento animal en la mitología, la astrología y los menhires.
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Guided Reading Level
Publication date
June 20, 2022
Bamboo Kingdom
BISAC categories
JUV002030 - Juvenile Fiction | Animals | Bears
JUV037000 - Juvenile Fiction | Fantasy & Magic
JUV001000 - Juvenile Fiction | Action & Adventure
JUV002150 - Juvenile Fiction | Animals | Lions, Tigers, Leopards, etc.
Library of Congress categories
Fantasy fiction
Animal fiction

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