Regina Is Not a Little Dinosaur

by Andrea Zuill (Author)

Reading Level: K − 1st Grade
Meet a young dinosaur seeking her independence in this hilarious picture book from the author of WOLF CAMP and SWEETY. When Regina's mother heads off to hunt, she tells her little dinosaur: stay in the nest and be mama's good little carnivore. But just who is she calling little?! Regina is big! And she has all the tools to hunt herself: a fear-inducing predator stare, a terrifying roar, and an uncanny ability to camouflage. And so Regina sets off on her first real hunt, all alone. ROAR! Along the way, she meets some truly huge dinosaurs, and hilariously, and miserably, fails at catching anything. What if she has to live her life as an.... herbivore?! Little kids everywhere will recognize themselves in Andrea Zuill's intrepid young dino--eager for independence, but still very much needing the safety and comfort of home.

Kirkus Reviews

Fun for dinosaur mavens and brave young explorers who want to test their mettle. (Picture book. 3-6)

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Publishers Weekly

Peeved when her T. rex mother won't let her go on a hunt ("Stay in the nest and be Mama's good little carnivore"), strong-willed Regina heads out on her own. The results are as predictable as they are funny, but plot is really secondary here--this latest by Zuill (Sweety) is about a singular personality asserting herself in the big, primeval world. Indelible Regina roars, slinks, sniffs, and pounces (a triceratops and ankylosaurus shrug her off); is haunted by the prospect of failure ("What if she has to live the rest of her life as... an HERBIVORE?!"); and turns on the charm when her mom catches her nearly becoming prey herself ("HI MOM!" Regina says, the dialogue balloon studded with treacly red hearts). Ink drawings sport elegant lines, delicate hatching, and washes of warm digital color reminiscent of vintage scientific illustration, and each vignette is a gem of comic timing and expression: readers will want to incorporate the conciliatory nose bump that mother and daughter dino share ("Boop!") into their own repertoire of affectionate moves. Ages 3-7. Agent: Erzsi Deak, Hen & Ink. (Apr.)

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Review quotes

Praise for Regina is NOT a Little Dinosaur:

"Regina's expressions are priceless... her emotive eyes flashing with glee, rage, or panic in turn. Young readers (and their adults) will laugh out loud at the relatable protagonist and her adorable antics." —Booklist

"Indelible Regina roars, slinks, sniffs, and pounces.... A gem of comic timing and expression: readers will want to incorporate the conciliatory nose bump that mother and daughter dino share ("Boop!") into their own repertoire of affectionate moves." —Publishers Weekly

Praise for Sweety
With hilarious pictures and tender, observant writing, Andrea Zuill gets to the heart of what it is to be an oddball in 'Sweety, ' an endearing picture book for children... —The Wall Street Journal

Zuill takes a common theme—finding the courage to be yourself—and makes it funny, heartwarming, and inspiring. —Booklist, starred review

Praise for Wolf Camp:
This debut picture book will delight more than dog lovers. —Kirkus Reviews, Starred

Andrea Zuill
Andrea Zuill is the author-illustrator of Regina is NOT a Little Dinosaur, an Indie Next List selection; Sweety, a Booklist Best Book of the Year; and Wolf Camp, a Children's Choice Award finalist. She is also the creator of Business Pig, Dance Is for Everyone, and Marigold & Daisy. Andrea is the illustrator of Cat Dog Dog by Nelly Buchet, an American Library Association Notable Book which was called A clever, winning read-aloud for modern families in a starred review from Kirkus. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in California, Texas, and New York. Visit Andrea on the Web at or follow her on Twitter at @AndreaZuill.
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April 20, 2021

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