My School Unicorn

by Willow Evans (Author) Tom Knight (Illustrator)

My School Unicorn
Reading Level: K − 1st Grade

Starting school is an adventure--especially when you have a magical unicorn friend by your side! Kids can conquer their first-day-of-school jitters with this colorful, beautifully illustrated storybook.

It's almost time for Evie to go to school, but thinking about it makes her feel nervous. Preschool was lots of fun, but big school sounds a little scary. When Evie gets ready for school, though, she makes a magical discovery. Hidden inside the pocket of her dress is Bobby--a tiny school unicorn! Bobby has a very important job--helping children feel brave when they go to school. With her new magical friend by her side, Evie soon learns that starting school is LOTS of fun!

Written specifically for preschoolers, this magical tale of friendship will soothe your little one's starting-school worries, and includes instructions on how to make your very own school unicorn!

School Library Journal

PreS-Gr 2--Evie is starting elementary school and imagining the worst--stern teachers, yucky food, and no one to play with. Arriving at Madame Lexi's Uniform Emporium to buy school clothes, she can't stop worrying, until from the pocket of her new school blazer pops a tiny unicorn. Bobby the unicorn will help calm her nerves on her "big adventure." As she gets her stuff together for her first day, Evie already feels better. Bobby sits by as she packs her backpack and shines a glowing light as she falls asleep. At school the next day, the little unicorn helps a nervous Evie feel brave. By the end of the day the kindergartner has come into her own and is running around with new friends. This sweet tale deals with that universal rite of passage and all the accompanying fears and uncertainty. Young readers will understand the power that a special toy can provide when navigating the unknown. Is the unicorn magical? Maybe. Lexi's Emporium is filled with stars, and at school Bobby projects a magical kingdom on the wall from his unicorn horn, and makes a swirling wind of leaves for Evie and her friends to chase. Illustrations show that Evie and her dad have brown skin. The warm hues of the magical elements of the story balance effectively with gloomy depictions of the imagined school, and the bright colors of the classroom. VERDICT A validation of first-day jitters for the early elementary crowd.--Sarah Webb, City and Country Sch. Lib., NY

Copyright 2021 School Library Journal, LLC Used with permission.

Publishers Weekly

In Evans's fantastical twist on the new-school narrative, Evie, a Black child with round cerulean spectacles, feels "wobbly" about starting elementary school, despite her love of preschool. That is, until her father brings her to Madame Lexi's Uniform Emporium, an inviting corner store. In addition to the school uniform, pale-skinned Madame Lexi knows Evie needs an extra push for the "BIG adventure" that is school--and so gifts Lexi a pocket-size pink unicorn named Bobby, who calms Evie's wobbly feelings and instills her with courage. Knight's friendly digital art features a round-eyed, expressive cast against detailed, vibrantly colored backdrops. Evie's dependency on Bobby perhaps weakens the message of empowerment, but this encouraging book may still inspire nervous children to seek support talismans. Back matter includes a tutorial for how to make a school unicorn. Ages 3-5. (June)

Copyright 2021 Publishers Weekly, LLC Used with permission.
Willow Evans
Tom Knight is an illustrator from the east coast of England. After ten years working as a graphic designer, he began illustrating books for children. He works from a poorly temperature-controlled studio in the garden, where he is constantly distracted by the greedy birds that hang out by the feeder outside his window.

Willow Evans is the author of My School Unicorn. She lives in London and enjoys exploring the capital and writing stories about the people she encounters along the way. A lover of all things magical, Willow greatly enjoyed creating Bobby (and wishes she had a tiny school unicorn, too!).

Lexile Measure
Guided Reading Level
Publication date
June 20, 2021

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