Strange Planet: The Sneaking, Hiding, Vibrating Creature

by Nathan W Pyle (Author) Nathan W Pyle (Illustrator)

Strange Planet: The Sneaking, Hiding, Vibrating Creature
Reading Level: 2nd − 3rd Grade

Nathan W. Pyle's first picture book in his Strange Planet series, a #1 New York Times bestseller!

Based on his popular Instagram comics, Nathan W. Pyle presents a delightful, heartfelt, and clever picture book that young and old beings alike will enjoy reading together. When the nearest star rises, Lifegiver has an exciting quest planned for Offspring! Follow along as they observe a strange creature that sneaks, hides, and vibrates around their house. Hilarity ensues as the blue beings try to mimic this talented creature. As always, Nathan W. Pyle draws humor from his unique perspective on human activity and delivers a colorful experience that is an ode to cats and humans alike. This book is a joy to read and share, no matter how many revolutions you've made around the nearest star.

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Kirkus Reviews

The hyperliteral phrases are sure to provoke readers' might just hone observational skills too [and] surprise their adults with new vocabulary; families who read it together may be inspired to make up their own. Don't be a stranger to this one.

Publishers Weekly

Featuring the humanoid creatures and amusingly literal lexicon for which Pyle is widely known via Instagram, this addition to the Strange Planet oeuvre follows Lifegiver and Offspring, two family members intent on learning more about a creature in their home. On a bright pink background, the two wide-eyed blue beings plan to observe a creature--"covered in thousands of soft fibers" whose "mouth stones are sharp"--that readers will recognize as a white cat. Equipped with "distant-observers" (binoculars) to view the entity and an "ink cylinder" (pen) to document their observations, the intrepid onlookers also plan to "use our bodies to mimic the creature" to learn "just how amazing" it is. After a long day of following and learning about the feline, including grasping takeaways such as "the creature can hide in tiny spaces" and "the creature vibrates when happy," all three take a well-deserved "creature nap." Pyle's tidy comics style and limited color palette centers the deadpan vocabulary as much as the art, and humor directed at categorizing concepts and building observational skills is an added bonus for young readers. Back matter includes a visual vocabulary aid. Ages 4-8. (June)

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School Library Journal

Starred Review

K-Gr 3--"There is a creature prowling around our home! It is covered in thousands of soft fibers and its mouth stones are sharp!" Based on his popular comic series "Strange Planet," Pyle debuts with the tale of strangely humanoid blue beings, Lifegiver and Offspring, studying the behavior of a "sneaking, hiding, vibrating creature." Lifegiver and Offspring observe this indoor household creature sneaking silently across the floor, scratching the "group-soft seat" with its "deathblades," and knocking over "hydration cylinders." Digitally drawn, Pyle's signature pink-and-blue comic panels expand to full-page spreads in this clever ode to cats. Preschoolers may need help crossing into Pyle's land of succinct analysis and commentary on human behavior, but school-aged children will find it simultaneously absurd and hilarious. Adult readers familiar with the comic series frequently shared on social media will also enjoy sharing this book with children. Readers new to Pyle's cunning and unique descriptions may appreciate the list of "Commonly Observed Objects" at the end of the book. VERDICT A great choice for young readers beginning to explore graphic novels, this is an essential purchase, ready to tickle children and adults alike.--Emily Brush, Novi P.L., MI

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June 20, 2021

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