Dinosaurs Are Not Extinct: Real Facts about Real Dinosaurs

by Drew Sheneman (Author) Drew Sheneman (Illustrator)

Dinosaurs Are Not Extinct: Real Facts about Real Dinosaurs
Reading Level: 2nd − 3rd Grade
Award-winning author-illustrator Drew Sheneman brings budding paleontologists the truth about dinosaurs in this informative and hilarious nonfiction picture book that will teach kids everything they didn't know (and never thought to ask) about their favorite subject--Dinosaurs! A long, long time ago, planet Earth was full of dinosaurs. Giant dinosaurs that ate plants, meat-eating dinosaurs that walked on two feet, dinosaurs with armored frills--all KINDS of dinosaurs. Until an asteroid appeared in the sky. A big one. A hot one. A moving-very-fast one. When it hit, most of the plants and animals on Earth went extinct. It was the end of the dinosaurs . . . . . Or was it? Actually, the latest research shows that the dinosaurs didn't all go extinct. They're still around us now. In fact, you've probably seen dinosaurs at the park, eaten dinosaurs for dinner, and maybe even cleaned dinosaur poop off your family's car. Who are these dinosaurs living all around us? Find out in this informative, hilarious, and 100 percent factual nonfiction picture book by award-winning author, illustrator, and beloved syndicated cartoonist Drew Sheneman.

Kirkus Reviews

Why pine for prehistoric predators when their direct descendants are perching on the nearest birdbath? (Informational picture book. 5-9)

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Publishers Weekly

This informative and engaging nonfiction picture book, created with font and dialogue balloons that give it an accessible, comics-like style, is sure to captivate young dinosaur fans with the facts and history behind dinosaurs and their feathery modern relatives: birds. The narrator's voice strikes a straightforward yet droll tone ("It was the end of the Cretaceous period and the age of the dinosaurs. OR WAS IT?"). Intricately detailed illustrations depict dinosaurs and birds as pin-eyed, crosshatched, and richly colored beings, providing engrossing accompaniments to the text, while speech bubbles add comedy ("Yum! Fried dinosaur!" says a scientist holding a chicken leg). Hand this to up-and-coming paleontologists as well as kids who are curious about the Earth's gradual development. Back matter includes a timeline depicting highlights of avian history. Ages 4-8. (Oct.)

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School Library Journal

K-Gr 4--Sheneman infuses this work with characteristic cartoon style and jokes. The illustrations depict striped and spotted dinosaurs coexisting until an asteroid strikes Earth, causing mass extinctions. But, as scientists have discovered, not all dinosaurs died. According to the text, "But while the big dinosaurs were no longer the planet's dominant form of life--mammals now hold that title--many dinosaurs survived." Today, they are birds. Effective spreads show the evolution of theropods, such as Tyrannosaurus rex, to birds. A helpful time line provides "Highlights of Avian History," from the Jurassic period to the Quaternary period. Sheneman points out similarities in behavior, including hunting and nesting, and illustrates where humans encounter dinosaurs today. The text uses understated humor; for example, the asteroid strike is described as "a very bad day for the dinosaurs." But a major source of the fun comes from dialogue expressed by the animals, such as a bird warning a cat to stay away from the birdbath because its cousin was a velociraptor. Even children who are too young to appreciate the dry humor will remember the narrative's central thesis. VERDICT This light-hearted approach to dinosaur evolution will work well as a read-aloud introduction to the topic.--Kathy Piehl, Minnesota State Univ. Lib., Mankato

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October 20, 2020
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JNF037050 - Juvenile Nonfiction | Science & Nature | Fossils
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