Franki Sibberson’s Bookshelf

Years ago, Karen Szymusiak coined the term “talkworthy” when we were choosing books to share with our middle grade students. We know that all books are worthy of talk but there are some books that we read that seem perfect for read alouds or student book clubs. They are talkworthy because they are incredible books that invite lots of talk about issues that are accessible to a middle grade reader. I am always reading with my eye toward these talkworthy books as I am always looking for new books to add to my menu of read alouds and book club choices. This list is a set of new books that I am confident would invite fabulous conversations in middle grade classrooms. 

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Franki Sibberson, past-president of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), is an adjunct professor and literacy consultant with 33 years of classroom experience in Dublin, Ohio. She has co-authored several books including Beyond Leveled Books (Stenhouse) and Still Learning to Read. She currently serves as the Director of Professional Learning & Teacher Advocacy for Bookelicious.