Bookelicious Helps Kids Love to Read

Bookelicious is the only kids-first literacy motivation system -- we help kids build their own reading identities and choose their own books to foster their love of reading!

Our free, gamified, research-based program empowers kids to find and choose books they actually want to read. Best of all, it works! According to teachers, more than 80% of students who use Bookelicious find it easy to find books they're excited to read!

How it Works


Bookelicious makes it easy to discover the very best children’s books, tailored to your child's interests and grade level. We offer a collection of more than 30,000 titles curated with the help of nationally renowned teachers and librarians – the people who know the books that kids love – all offered in a safe, fun environment where children can enjoy choosing their own books. 

The core of the Bookelicious literacy ecosystem is our personalized book-matching using child-created BOOKMOJIS! Kids get started by dressing them up with costumes, pets and accessories that represent their interests.

Bookmoji Builder

Our AI-enabled system matches your child’s interests, plus their grade level, with our professionally curated collection of current, high-quality, diverse books to make personalized book recommendations while simultaneously helping them build their reading identity.

Kids can dive right in to our specific book recommendations from their bookmoji bookshelf, or they can explore more choices by clicking on the links under the shelf.

Book Shelf

Once your child has found books they’re excited to read, you can:

  • Put the books in the bookbag and purchase them
  • Add them to your child’s wishlist – perfect for birthdays or holidays
  • Create an ewallet – your child can purchase books every month based on a budget you set
  • Click on the WorldCat link to borrow them from the nearest public library
Gift Card

Need to choose a book right away? Check out our Gift Guides to find suggestions just right for your child. They’re arranged by interest (like Superheroes, Baseball and Unicorns) as well as by grade range, to make it easy to find a great book.

Gift Guides

Looking for a way to celebrate Valentines’ Day or Black History Month? What about Poetry Month or Inspire Your Heart With Art Day? Check out Jazzy’s bookshelves for great book recommendations.


Or buy a gift card and give your child the gift of choice.

Want to give the gift of choice?

Purchase a gift card for your reader!

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Gift Card

Why It Works

At Bookelicious, we match readers with books they truly want to read. Decades of research have identified three key levers of reading motivation.

Interesting books

Interesting books

Appropriate reading level

Appropriate reading level

Kids’ choice

Kids’ choice

Our book-matching system combines these elements to help kids pick books they’ll LOVE! We start with a collection of more than 25,000 books, curated with the help of nationally renowned teachers and librarians – the people who know the books that kids love.


And we incorporate these great books into our fun, gamified bookmoji system. Kids create their bookmojis and choose items that represent their interests; our AI-enabled system uses that information to suggest books they may like. How do we know it works? Before using Bookelicious, 36% of kids found it easy to find books they wanted to read. When using Bookelicious, that number jumped to 80%.


“Bookelicious has the most solid collection of diverse children’s books. It’s current and it honors representation in the most thoughtful way.”

Katherine Hsu, 4th Grade Teacher

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