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“Bookelicious is a perfect combination of easy-to-use technology and reading motivation.”

Patrick A.
4th Grade Teacher

“The bookmojis help celebrate identity, personal choice and lead readers on a path to connecting with a now and a next book!”

JoEllen M.
Author, Educator, Literacy Consultant

“I love the commitment to diversity exhibited throughout Bookelicious. Students will truly be able to find stories that promote tolerance, unity, love and inclusivity.”

Cicely L.
School Librarian

“Bookelicious is so good because it has a vast library of books. It just never ends! There are so many that I really want to read.”

D. S.
4th Grade Student

“My daughter enjoyed picking books out on the website. She was excited to browse the site and is looking forward to picking them up at school.”

Veronica Z.
Parent of 3rd Grade Student

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