Student Voice and Choice

Student Voice
and Choice

Bookelicious matches your readers
with books they truly want to read!

At Bookelicious, we match readers with expertly-curated books they truly want to read, driving greater reading volume which is key to improving literacy.

With our Student Voice and Choice Program students:

  • Build their own bookmojis
  • Browse for books among our selection of 30,000+ diverse, inclusive titles
  • Build their reader identities
  • Choose and receive books for their home libraries
  • Read!
Driving greater reading volume with Bookmoji!

Bookmoji: how our book-matching technology works

How Bookmoji, our book-matching technology, works!

OUR Student Voice and Choice program allows your STUDENTS to:

1- Build Bookmojis
2- Build Reading Identities
3- Choose their Own books
4- Read!

“Our district was searching for a way to honor student choice and voice while building home libraries. Working with Bookelicious and their team of experts has allowed us to provide books to our students that are of high interest, while meeting the needs of our Board and stakeholders. They are truly helping us individualize the literacy landscape in Columbus City Schools.”

Kelly Rivers, Executive Director of Literacy and Early Childhood, and Jennifer Ey, Director of Literacy, Columbus City Schools.