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John Schu


John Schu


  • Ana Crespo
    Ana Crespo

    Ana Crespo’s favorite pastime is traveling around the country, visiting some of the most beautiful places around. She has visited all lower forty-eight states and many national parks. In 2013, she was returning home from her native Brazil when she saw the smoke that indicated the beginning of the Black Forest fire in Colorado. This story is inspired by what came after. Find out more about Ana at AnaCrespoBooks.com.

  • Dr. Dow Phumiruk
    Dr. Dow Phumiruk
    Pediatrician and Illustrator

    Dow Phumiruk is a pediatrician who has found her passion in creating children’s books. She’s the illustrator of many children’s book, including Maya Lin, Artist-Architect of Light and Lines and Counting on Katherine. She lives in Colorado with her husband, three artistic daughters, and a handful of small pets.

  • John Schu
    John Schu
    Children's Librarian & Director of Publicity

    John Schu is the children’s librarian for Bookelicious, a part-time lecturer at Rutgers University, and a former classroom teacher and teacher-librarian. He’s the author of the professional book The Gift of Story (Stenhouse, 2022) and the picture book This Is a School illustrated by Veronica Miller Jamison (Candlewick, 2022). You can find him at JohnSchu.com and on social media at @MrSchuReads.


Dec 02 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Bookelicious Presents: Ana Crespo and Dr. Dow Phumiruk in Conversation with John Schu, 12/2/21 @7pm ET

Join Ana Crespo and Dow Phumiruk as they discuss Hello, Tree with Mr. Schu and YOU! Hello, Tree was inspired by the 2013 Black Forest fire. It is told from the viewpoint of a tree watching its home destroyed. It’s about the kinship between humans and nature, and preservation of the environment.

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Hello, Tree

It was a swallow who called it first.
“Fire’s coming!”
And the animals ran away.
Even the insects tried to flee.
The girl and her family left, too.
All I could do…was wait.

When a wildfire comes roaring into the forest, all the animals and humans flee. But all the tree can do is wait. Wait until many days and nights pass. Wait until the fire loses the battle. And wait until the forest is still before the forest can be reborn and the animals and the girl can come back.